Disability Act 2006

The Disability Act ensures a person with a disability cannot be discriminated against or treated unfairly because of their disability.

The Disability Act 2006 and the Disability Regulations 2007 (the Act) commenced on 1 July 2007. The act replaced the Intellectually Disabled Persons' Services Act 1986 and Disability Services Act 1991.

The Disability Act 2006 provides for:

  • A stronger whole-of-government, whole-of-community response to the rights and needs of people with a disability
  • A framework for the provision of high quality services and supports for people with a disability.

The act sets out principles for people with a disability and for disability service providers. Disability service providers are the department and organisations that are registered under the act to provide disability services.

The Disability Amendment Act 2012 came into operation on 1 July 2012.  It makes minor changes to the Disability Act 2006