Victorian youth week

Young Victorians can celebrate the various social and cultural contributions they make to Australian society.

National youth week is a week-long celebration of young people held annually throughout Australia.

The 2018 dates are 13 April to 22 April.

National youth week offers an opportunity for young Victorians to join the rest of Australia in recognising and celebrating the diverse skills, knowledge and ideas contributed to our society by young people. It is also a great time for young people to showcase their talents or highlight an issue in their region that is important to them.

All events and activities held during National youth week are planned and developed by young people for young people.

National youth week is supported by the Victorian and Federal governments. Young people and their communities can get involved in the celebrations by running events and attending activities in their local area.

At the national level, each state and territory is represented by a National youth week Young member. They play a vital role in directing the shape and success of National youth week. The young members are involved in all aspects of planning, developing, implementing and promoting National youth week across Australia.

Information about National youth week across Victoria is available on the Youth Central website.