About disability services

Our department provides and funds services for people with intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive and neurological disabilities.

General services

A person with a disability can access general services, including:

  • Community health
  • Early childhood and education services
  • Sport and recreation
  • Employment
  • Maternal and child health services.  

Specialist disability services

It also funds a range of specialist disability supports that are available to people with a disability and their families. These supports help a person with a disability participate actively in the community and reach their full potential.

For more information, see Specialist disability services

Categories of support

Support fall into 2 categories:

How can you get disability support?

You can request disability support from the department or a community service organisation if:

  • You have a disability and it impacts on your mobility, communication, self-care or self-management
  • Your support request meets specific requirements related to the service you are seeking.

For more information, see Intake and response and Disability support register