Allocation of disability support

The allocation of ongoing disability support is priortised for people who are most in need.

How is ongoing disability support allocated?

The Disability Support Register (DSR) is a database of all the people with a confirmed need for funding (Individual support package) to purchase supports that meet their disability needs or for supported accommodation. The DSR is used to allocate these supports in a fair and efficient manner when funding or vacancies become available.

The allocation of supports is based on need and does not relate to the length of time you have been on the DSR. It is not a waiting list. The demand for support is high, so allocation is prioritised for people most in need.

How do supports become available?

Supports only become available when:

  • There is new funding made available to the department
  • When someone currently receiving disability support no longer needs that support.

It is not possible to know when a support will become available.

What happens when a support becomes available?

When funding (Individual support package) or a vacancy in supported accommodation becomes available, all people registered for that type of support are considered in the allocation process.

For an individual support package, matching is based on the amount of funding that has become available and the funding amount that people are registered for on the DSR.

For supported accommodation, matching is based on the location, support model and compatibility to other residents.

First we allocate to people who have a priority need for support and who match the support available. If there is only one person who matches the available support, that person is offered the support. If there are many people who match an available support, a regional Allocation panel is held.

How is a priority need for support determined?

All people on the DSR have a need for support. However, some people are experiencing situations that make their need for support critical.

Situations that meet a priority need for support are identified in the Disability Support Register guidelines. They can include a person being placed at risk of harm or being in an undesirable support arrangement, like not being able to leave hospital.

What is an allocation panel?

The allocation panel is a group of people who consider applicants who are registered on the DSR and will recommend who should be allocated the ongoing disability support. The panel is convened when there are a number of people shortlisted.

The panel has a mix of department and community representatives. At least 40 per cent of the panel must be community representatives and will include:

  • A person with a disability
  • A carer or family member of a person with a disability
  • Two representatives from local community service organisations.