Carer and family support

There are different types of supports available for families of children with a disability and carers of adults with a disability.

The following supports are funded by the Victorian Government and are provided in partnership with community service providers, or directly by our staff.

Respite support

This support provides short-term breaks for carers of people with a disability and families. Short-term breaks can be:

  • Overnight
  • During the day
  • In-home
  • In residential settings
  • With another family
  • Out in the community
  • Other flexible arrangements.

For more information, see Respite support.

Flexible support packages

This includes a range of supports for people with a disability and their families. For more information, see Supporting families and carers on our Providers website.

Individual support packages

Provides flexible funding, based on planning, to suit the particular needs of people with a disability. For more information, see Individual support package.

Family options

These are short term and long term alternative family placements for people with a disability who are unable to live with their own family. For more information, see Family options.

Needing support?

We can assist you to get the support you need to enable you to fulfill your plans for the future. These supports may be available in your local community or funded by the Victorian Government. Contact the disability Intake and Response Service for advice.

For information on parenting services, see Family support.

Changing your current supports

If you are currently receiving Disability Services supports and you want to change the types of supports you have, contact the disability Intake and Response Service for advice and information.