Home owner and renter support

Find out where you can get help with your mortgage or rent, or how eligible Victorian home owners can apply for a low interest home renovation loan.

We offer a range of support services relating to housing. It provides assistance to people who need help with their mortgage or rent, and helps find emergency accommodation for those who need it.

Tenancy advice and information

Visit the Consumer Affairs Victoria website for advice about tenancy matters such as eviction, excessive rent and repairs.

Home renovation loans

Loans are available to help pay for renovations made to your home. If you are a renter you may be eligible for a home renovation loan for renters

If you are a home owner you may be eligible for a home renovation loan for owners.

Public housing rental rebates

As a public housing tenant, you can apply to pay a reduced amount of rent based on your household income.  The HousingVic website has more information on rental rebates.

Home finance

The Home Finance Review Office has been established to try and resolve any problems you may have with your government supported home loan or the quality of service you have received.  

Further information is available on the HousingVic website.

Bond loan scheme

If you want to rent privately, most landlords will ask you to pay a bond (or refundable security deposit) before you move in. At the end of your tenancy, the landlord may be able to claim all or part of your bond as compensation for any damage to the property or for unpaid rent. If you can't afford to pay the bond yourself, you may be able to borrow the money interest-free from your local housing office. This is called a bond loan. 

The HousingVic website has more information on the bond loan.