Individual support package

You must meet criteria as defined by the Disability Act 2006 to register your need for an Individual support package.

What is an individual support package?

Individual support packages are allocated to a person to meet their disability related support needs. The funding may complement existing informal support arrangements from family and friends and/or generally available community services.

Individual support packages enable people with a disability to:

  • Direct the planning process to the greatest extent possible and make their own choices about how they wish to live their life
  • Plan in a way that respects the needs of family members and carers and their role in the person's life
  • Be assisted to identify goals and the way these can be achieved
  • Explore supports that are flexible and wide-ranging
  • Be included and fully participate in community life.

Support from a facilitator

People can receive help from a facilitator to bring together the important people in their life, such as family, friends or advocates, to think about and document the supports that are needed. Also, how they should be provided.

How the funds can be used

The funds may be used to buy a range of disability related supports chosen by the person to assist them to achieve their goals.

Individual support packages can assist people with a disability to continue living in the community by providing a range of supports to:

  • Maintain independence
  • Keep living in their own home
  • Move to more independent living arrangements
  • Learn new skills
  • Participate in the local community.

For more information when putting together and managing your individual support package, see Individual support package handbook in Related resources.

Who can get assistance?

You can register your need for an individual support package on the Disability Support Register if you meet the criteria as determined under the Disability Act 2006.

For more information, see Applying for ongoing disability support.

How to get assistance

Contact the disability Intake and Response Service on 1800 783 783 (TTY 1800 008 149) or see Intake Response Service to find out more information about this program and how to apply.

Managing your package funding

There are 3 ways that you can manage your individual support package:

You can also have a combination of these arrangements.

Individual support package change form

The Individual support package change form should be used when requesting changes to a person’s individual support package. This form can only be used in circumstances that do not require additional funding and do not trigger a formal review of a person’s support plan. See, Related resources.

Note: The Individual support package change form information guide should be read prior to completing the change form. It provides information on how to fill out the form, and where to send the form once it is complete. See, Related resources.

Unit price update

An updated listing of unit prices for some of the most commonly used individual support package services can be found in Volume 3, Chapter 2: Human services output budget Information and unit prices of our policy and funding guidelines.  For more information, see Policy and funding guidelines on our corporate website.