The Disability Act 2006 outlines an approach to planning that enables people with a disability to enjoy the same rights, opportunities and responsibilities that allow them to fully and equally participate in community life.

This includes that planning should:

  • Be individualised
  • Be directed by the person with a disability
  • Consider and respect the person's family and other people who are important to the person with a disability
  • Be underpinned by the right of the person with a disability to have control over their own life.

Planning process

The act outlines a process for planning, which includes that:

  • A person with a disability (or a person on their behalf) may ask a disability service provider to assist them with planning
  • People who receive ongoing disability services must have a support plan
  • A support plan must be reviewed at least once every 3 years, but can be reviewed earlier if requested
  • People with an intellectual disability who request a service must be offered assistance with planning.

Planning policy

The policy requirements for planning are outlined in the Planning policy. This is further supplemented by the Planning resource kit and implementation guide, which aims to provide a foundation for shared practice among the department and community service organisation staff.

For more information, see Planning for people on our Providers site.