Providing information about your rights

Disability service providers have a duty to explain information to you in a manner you are most likely to understand.

The Disability Act 2006 requires that people with a disability be given information that explains their rights. For example, when a person starts to use a disability service, the disability service provider must give them information about the services to be provided and their rights under the Act.

The information given to a person under the Act must:

  • Use the language and type of communication people are most likely to understand
  • Where possible, be both explained to the person and given in writing.

If the person with a disability cannot understand the information, it can be given to another person of their choosing, who can assist them with understanding their rights. These requirements are outlined in the Provision of information policy. For more information, see Related resources.

About the disability services you get – Section 89 template

An interactive version of the easy read form, About the disability services you get – Section 89 template is available on our Providers website. It can be completed, saved and copied online. It also contains an overview of information to be provided under the Act and some frequently asked questions.