Scouts and guides

Victorian government funding to Scouts Victoria and Girl Guides Victoria enables more young people from diverse social and economic backgrounds and multicultural communities to participate in activities that promote both self-respect and community engagement.

Scouts Victoria and Girl Guides Victoria have been allocated $914,000 over two years (2015-16 and 2017-18) from the Victorian Government to enable more young people to access opportunities to participate in leadership, skill development and community activities.

The funding will allow Girl Guides Victoria to increase its engagement with young Victorian women facing additional barriers and challenges to get involved in guiding activities.

Projects will include increasing the participation of young women from public housing estates and partnering with schools in areas of high socioeconomic disadvantage to establish new Girl guide units. Inclusive camping activities will also be developed in a way that allows participation of young women with different abilities, and those living in areas less likely to have experienced camping or outdoor adventure activities.

Scouts Victoria will use the new funding to deliver programs that promote youth participation in their communities, particularly areas experiencing social and economic disadvantage. These programs will include establishing new Scout groups in the northern and western growth corridors and increasing the involvement of young people in scouting in Melbourne’s inner north and west.

Scouts Victoria will also partner with multicultural communities to provide greater access to scouting activities. This includes working with students and teachers from the Australian Academy of Education in Coburg to establish a Scout group for young people in the Muslim community.

About Girl Guides Victoria

The Girl Guides mission statement is 'to enable girls and young women to grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members'.

Guides are aged between 5 and 18 and come from all parts of the Victorian community. As Guides they experience challenges, fun and friendship in a supportive, safe environment.

Guides provides girls and young women with the opportunity to:

  • Meet personal challenges
  • Learn team-building and leadership skills
  • Make new friends.

For more information, see the Girl Guides website.

About Scouts Victoria

Scouting is a worldwide movement that has shaped the development of young people and adults for over 100 years.

Scouts is the biggest and most successful youth organisation in Australia, with more than 20,000 Victorians from all backgrounds participating in a range of scouting activities, including:

  • First aid
  • Waterskiing
  • Performing arts
  • Caving
  • Geocaching.

Scouts encourages from all backgrounds to grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible members of their local communities.

For more information, see the Scouts Victoria website.