Early intervention and support

Young people who have drug and alcohol issues, or are experiencing homelessness and family violence can get help from a range of intervention and support programs.

A number of programs and initiatives are in place to support and assist young people who experiencing difficulties. These might include not having stable accommodation, coming into contact with police or problems with managing drug or alcohol consumption.

Youth support service

The Youth support service aims to help young people at risk of entering the youth justice system.  Referrals to the Youth support service are made by Victoria Police, Youth justice court advisors and internally by agencies providing services to young people. Young people must have had recent contact with Victoria Police, but not be a client of Youth justice or Child protection services.

The Youth support service aims to work with the young person to comprehensively assess their needs and assist them to develop positive life goals and access other support and services as required, young people must choose to work with the Youth support service, involvement by a young person is on a voluntary basis.

Adolescent support program

The adolescent support program aims to assist young people to remain at home, or living independently, This program provides case management to young people in a range of different services across the state.

Youth mental health services

A number of initiatives seek to address the mental health needs of young people and including community adolescent mental health services; intensive mobile youth outreach services; acute inpatient services; and psychiatric disability, rehabilitation and support services.

More information can be found on the youth mental health services page or visit the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (0-18 years) website.