Supporting decision-making

Disability service providers are expected to respect the right of people with a disability to make their own decisions.

Self-direction is about recognising that people can and should be able to make decisions about the important things in their lives, to the best of their ability. The freedom to make decisions about things which affect our lives is a right that everyone should enjoy.

Some people with a disability may need help to make decisions and tell others about their choices. Family, friends or support staff may help with things like:

  • Explaining what decisions have to be made and what they mean
  • Making sure the others communicate effectively with the person with a disability.

Making a decision and getting help if you need it

The Making decisions and getting help if you need it guide has been written to support the decision-making process. It explains:

  • 7 decision-making principles
  • What you should be able to expect from the people who support you.

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